another week ends

Hi all.
Spent most of the week bar monday which was spent on uncles b ox doing bits and bobs, possibly a new upgrade and such more work will happen.
During the trip my family were on my mum had some fall of something or another and mangled herself to the point where my routeens are down the drainage system quite heavily.
Due to that I couldn’t broadcast today, and am now left with fuck all to do due to swamp char getting stuck in a fucking building.
I may play doom then who knows.
Don’t fucking give a toss to be honest.
I have no plans right now.
I need to do some more computer work for uncle, I was really hoping I could go out and actually do something more than standing round this house like a paperweight.
The work I can’t do till tonight.
I guess I will have lunch then take in and out a nother fucking load of washing.
And oh yeah due to my parents being out looking at stuff in general no doom.
Fuck!!!! fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! bugger, fuck, shit and other things of that nature.
I now am quite literly going to have to do something usefull which I really need to do.

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