oops, I think it died!

Hi all.
Welcome to a friday.
Yeah like I have already done the blog for this week, but it looks like god read my blog.
Today started normally.
THe only break from the norm was uncle al wanting to know more about his system.
Spent time on that.

Everything goes ok till this afternoon.
My mum tries to use the phone.
It crackles, I pick up the phone.
It sounded like data.
Oh fuck and bugger I thought.
Its the fucking mutherfucking router dsl filter.
Now I will have to fucking get the fuck under the fucking desk to put the replacement by the ups unit into it.
And the router is in the master jack.
The space as you can imagine is quite squashed.
What with the ups units, 2 power strips, a serge protecter, a speaker and 2 printer and computer transformer units and the like not to mention the wires.
Oh, and then there is the backup speaker unit which will stay till the new unit which has issues is sorted.
Then there is the router which has a loose connection board.
ONe nock and its dead till I restle with it like fighting a bull in a swamp full of ooz to make it fucking work.
In a way I was happy when I found out what it was.
Asking mum to put phones on the hook, I found dad’s phone was not working.
I think the battery unit is the issue.
Though there are 2 cheap phones which sucked, 3 actually and though 2 have been replaced the other hasn’t, even so, I plan to actually attempt fixing the unit.
thats tomorrow after training.
I’m off to watch tenis on radio sport.
Go jokovich or something

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