never get a hotmail account it smells like shit

Hi all.
Never under any circunstances get one of these.
Here is another reason why hotmail sucks now.
Yes the spam is known, yes its not as secure as google.
My uncle has had one before google came online.
Well last week, loads of people aparently got hacked into or something.
His account was junked and shut down.
Do the following steps to get the account back, note, these are actual steps I did to get the account back.
Note, read at your own risk because below this line is a major roaring ranty rant.

1. logon to hotmail as usual.
2 read the message and hit continue.
3. enter your mopile number.
The code never comes.
Go to and click the can’t access account link.
choose option 3.
enter your details.
Stupid fucking capcha that no blind man can solve.
Even if you get it right you won’t get in.
Talk to ms support and get a scary link.
Click that.
type in details as much as you can, note unless you have xbox live leave the billing info alone.
Submit it.
Oh fill another capcha.
Best get a sightling to do that.
Next, wait for an email from ms.
It may never come or it could come immediately.
Click the here link.
Fill in the password and detales.
Next fill in alternit email address and security question.
Depending on if you have ms hardware or not you will have live essentuals.
Since this is part of win7 and you mostly will have ms hardware then you will probably need this loaded.
If you have it then fill out the trusted pc option.
you may also fill out the mobile option though due to it never sending me a code I don’t know really.
Fill out the security question and alternite email again and you are done.
If you have an email, I suggest you switch your msn and hotmail stuff to gmail asap then leave your hotmail to rot, it will eventually die or get hacked again then die.
Advantages of switching to gmail.
fast, world wide, free spam filters top notch as well as viruses.
although secure you have no real control of the filters, this is usually ok but sometimes you need to declair a message not spam.
you can aparently report a message as spam from the web.
There is no spam filter editing settings though.
And you may lose a little privacy with info, cloud systems share all info, still for what you get pop and imap included its worth it.
Ofcause if it dies you can’t really ring support, just hope the status site or twitter never dies.
This week has been a standard week.
Started doing chinups which is good.
Nothing expected to happen for the next while.
3 events are coming this month.
1. grandpa’s birthday party
2. Jono’s birthday party
3 my job promo thingybob.

Things I need to do before bali.
Research bali.
Bar hearing how bad the government is from family I know almost nothing.
Read my previous posts on my current definition of corruption everyone is now, or at least to some degree.
nothing is the same these days.
With this in mind, I really need to find info.
I also need to learn more indonesian /duch though my extended family know those languages as well as english and mix all that.
I need to finnish up here and go to bed.

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