An untimely update

Hi all.
This is quite unexpected.
I expected that I would have a shit load of work today since I never did any of it till I came back from the shops till late.
The reality is far from the truth.
A part from helping people with computers over forums and debating the death of music industry and such with various techs little was left for me to do.
I need to talk to uncle al about upgrading some components on his boxes.
I also need to get some drama archives from radio nz.
Vary little is left.
I thought before I hit the sack, I’d recap the week’s entrys.
Monday was broadcast day as usual.
tuesday was walking day.
On wednesday as well as extra arm training sessions I had a get together with various family and lunch happened.
Thursday and friday have been standard days.
The only thing I did yesterday was check grandpa’s mail.
Saturday will be a real test. both of my enjurence and my abilities to both socialise and actually put up with loud noises when not consuming 2 leatres of rather strong tea till I was almost sick.
I almost was sick but it did help.
After the major training I will have to contend with a wedding.
Church services are never the best of things.
If you know me by now you will have figured that I can sleep anywhere.
Give me any monotone tone, or droning sound at sertain frequencies, and I will sleep.
This is good for things like planes and cars.
Unfortunately priests share the same frequencies.
So in funerals, weddings, etc I will happily sleep.
This is not going to be helped with the less energy I will have due to training.
Reseptions usually include loud noises, music, loads of people etc.
This makes a drone, add the heat into it and bright lights and I will sleep.
My eyes are prone to dryness.
So, there is a question of me actually being able to actually function at all over a sertain time.
If I can stay awake past 11 pm I should be ok.
I have managed to stay awake ofcause, but we will see.
In other news I have been thinking of doing my own computer repair business.
Its the only way foreward, mainstream jobs are just not something I have ever been successfull in.
And with the so called vocational advisers using books instead of their heads and with no creative assistance, and the poor performance I have had with funding agencies, the only thing to do is set it yourself.
The best I can do is to set 2 machines per week really, since I can’t set anymore on here.
Ofcause it all depends on how long each takes.
Servicing units is 1 thing but hmmm.
I will have to get some hard drive for just my data, could use cds I guess but its slower.
Though if there is a virus, I may have issues.
The issue with the cd approach is the fact I won’t be able to run things up to date.
So the hdd is the best option.
Actually I could probably get away with a flash drive, since its all I will actually use.
Now I will have to probably have a spare drive only for that, and that does not cover imaging data, hard drives may have to be the key.
it has also been suggested an enclosure of some sort to plug directly to the computer to insert hard drives into, but room is the issue.
There then is the connection.
While its true I could probably buy a connection with something like 10 gb on it for business stuff, or even an unlimited connection on slingshot, there would be the issue of running the other one.
And where to put it.
Having 2 routers I guess with 2 networks would work, but where would I be able to house them.
1 of them would have to be fully wireless as there is no room here for extra connections.
Then there are things like having some sighted person to see screens if I needed.
Then there is insurence, data loss and other things.
While I am assured I don’t have to worry about things, the way the world is going, with all these sopa laws,I really don’t trust the law, government or anything so far as where I stand.
Having not much cash does not really help much.
Ofcause this could just be my family background.
My grandpa came from indonesia during one of their revolution things.
Though I don’t pretend to understand it it is or should I say was corrupt compaired to old world standards.
I say this because it seems that now there is corruption form the property market to those that make the current laws, in fact since 911 no one has been safe, the world is corrupting, the words terrorism, corruption and safety no longer mean what they should, its all shoved together like a mud pile.
i don’t pretend to under stand nore want to what these words mean.
I don’t give a fuck really, I just work here, right?
What I do care about is the propencity for people, governments big companies, etc to go flying off the handle at the drop of a hat for any reason even if that reason is unlikely.
With this in mind, I am wary of leaving anything to chance.
In june I plan to go to bali, and will have to watch what I say, can’t take anything for granted.
No freedoms of any kind there.
Again old worldly standards.
No freedums anywhere going to be.
THe new world is colliding with the old, no one has rights.
All contries are dictated to in some form.
We just chuse ours to be business and not military but its the same thing really.
If you say anything anywhere you can get done by anyone these days.
Sad but oh well, I just work here right?
Anyway with all that in mind I would really like to have some fall back plans to drop to.
I mean, no cash does no longer mean people can’t do anything anymore.
I need some stratogies to have in place so if it does go belly up really hard which it will do, read the titanic stuff and you will understand.
When it does, I want to be ready well as ready as I can.
And if it just well shit hits the fan I want to minimise any fallout which will result.
In particular I want to avoid jail if I can, and fines, suits, etc.
One thing is for sure, if anything of this happens and i can’t really defend myself there will be only 1 choice.
To close.
If I close, Then I will have to make every thing go away.
Thankfully this will just be data if it comes to me actually keeping data.
I won’t have to change my name, live in some other place or hide in a sealed room or at least I hope so.
Here I go with my mindless and pointless ranting of what could be.
I am going.

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