The long and winding weeks

Yeah you heard me right, weeks.
It started last week just before a rather large party of some major drinking and noise where I got the next 2 systems to diagnose and fix.
The first the same as one of the others I needed to do.
This went ok for what it was worth though slow I got it whipped into shape.
The second has a rather bad overheating issue.
I was not able to fix it due to nvda not running with anything right.
There is some virus on the box which becauseof its slowness I just didn’t bother clearing.
Though its cleared from the backup.
THat system is not likely to get done by me, it needs replacing.
For my good work on the 3.5 systems though I got 20gb of music which rocks.
Well unofficially that is.
Officially I get a yearly chocolate as payment.
Party was good, an uncle’s birthday at some major mongolian bbq, quite good I got to drink a pino colada, just like the ones that they sing about on one of the 60-70s songs that were popular in my unger days and I can’t see the reason why its so popular.
Its good, sure, ok, but I wouldn’t drink it by choice.
Then again cider is still my vice along with coffee.
I then had to transfer some recordings and game reviews off a really slow server.
Now, I am majorly behind in mail, havn’t looked at mail since thursday night.
Probably won’t look at mail for another age depending on if I manage to get through the 5 podcasts I got given on sunday.
Then coming up at the end of this week, I have this major wedding to go to as its one of my best friends.
So yeah major things to do.
Training is moving a notch, hard today to do as I really did it over on saturday.
I have increased my program by another 10 mins with extra pushup sets.
Music wise, hmph, there is always something lagging behind.
Basically if I ever finnish something i may actually do it.
I need to walk today.

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