I have a webcam and other things

Hi welcome to another week’s beginning.
Firstly I apologise not posting last week as i usually do.
Many things were in motion, partly my training is quite hard and for the last day or so I have not had much power after that.
I have been out of the house most of the weekend, this included a fathers day dinner with my grandpa and a couple other things.
One major thing I have got is a new lifecam ms lifecam vx2000.
It recomended me install windows live.
I installed live like it said and got rid of it again, useless bad and although accessable quite cluttered interface.
After uninstall it left bits behind which I killed.
ie seems to load much slower first time you start the system to.
THe life cam audio is quite hd and hi res .
its real cool, though I need to get used to the fact its just hot as a bowl of texus chilly.
It picks up on everything including fans.
On another point I appear to have missplaced my hp headset I have used with the realteck card and other internal mics.
Its not that bad but as a portable mic its actually the cleanist one i have.
The mic itself is still quite bad generally but for what it does for skype it works if I need it.
The major advantage of the lifecam webcam is that if I need to do things I can be over the other side of the room doing them without me sitting by the computer.
not sure what today will bring.

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