nose to the grindstone

Hi all.
Well its another week.
Yesterday I went out with dad looking at hardware related stuff and such.
Today I walked and then had a ok lunch with a nice coffee at a nice cafe.
After that family came round and it was a nice party with food and drink and other bits and bobs.
Ok so here is what we do this week.
System work on uncle’s system should start this saturday.
Work on grandpa is always ongoing but should be done soon.
Another small job remains.
Training is always ongoing, 2 more days guided training remain then well then I should be ready to rock hard etc.
Piano is another thing to do.
My book is something I really need to get into.
The parental units go for a nice holiday this weekend for a month.
Nice ha!
My brother has a job, yaay for him!
And I have as usual.
Well apart from what I said above that is ongoing pluss lets see about 2 days which should have something in them another possible and the weekends covered with possible other things I have to actually move round making stuff for myself which should be interesting.
One such thing is catching up with someone etc and some other stuff.
But we will see.
I guess I should be happy I have like 4 days thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and maybe wednesday that have something stuck in them.
On monday and tuesday unless I suddenly have not much to do which is likely I plan to attempt to make some noise and chill.
later for now.

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