as time goes buy

Ok so I couldn’t think of anything else as a subject but oh well.
As it stands the following happened as of thursday.
or should I start earlier.
Not much apart from the usual happened on monday and tuesday though for once my cold actually went enough for me to seriously think about playing piano.
On wednesday I had lunch with grandpa as usual, due to aunt being home monday had that to.
Baking banana muffins was also in order.
I appeared to run out of underware so I got a pack of jocky for 20 bucks from farmers.
On thursday I was really wanting to come online but after I insisted I made the bed, and the usual training session not to mention the last minute pack I just didn’t get a chance.
The rest of the day consisted of actually traveling over the windy roads to wangamata.
Setteling down and actually not much I can remember.
The weather was supposed to be real bad but was not till today.
I spent the friday with a stripped down training session, followed by bakon and egg, and fruit and cofee, a meal arrangement which took the rest of the time I was there.
We walked on the beach, it was a surf beach, with 3 teared waves.
FOr those that are blind or whatever or have not seen a beach like it, its the standard beach with the first wave doing a standard wave sound, the next hissing and the third and second merging into a continous rumble.
For the morning at least it did not have much wind and I got a good recording.
In the afternoon we walked to the town and back.
The same happened yesterday, though that time we walked around the marina and looked at the new housing developments around that area.
Again nice weather.
Today after tidying up we hit minigolf and had coffee.
It started raining at about 12 so back to lunch we went then home.
I have spent the past while from about 5.00 to about 10 at least, listening to files on the net, podcasts, and other stuff.
And for what its worth I am fully done.
The week as it stands includes the following.
1. standard training and maybe a program update.
2. piano because I have a lesson on wednesday.
I need to do updates most likely and uncle’s system.
Ok that should be it.

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