another week begins

Hi all.
So ends my birthday and begins another week.
The last 2 days had walks and presents including chocolate and peanuts, a t-shirt and some other cool stuff.
Work on extra security databases for the network is going on, and apart from the standard stuff my uni work fast approaches.
Work on uncle’s system should have finnished now so that at least is done.
In major news to happen this week, the hp laserjet 5m after cleaning out again looks like its had its chips and gone to bit heaven.
A new net laser will be purchaced which means I probably will have control from the computer which should be rather cool.
The second system made some weird fan noise but it went away and is probably a miner fan jam somewhere.
its also the coldest day in auckland with a high of 13, which is uncoman for a northern city in new zealand.
later all

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