Another day on the road

Hi all.
Well last night saw me testing and retesting with the semagic and clients on livejournal.
Both worked well but posting on semagic did not work and then dotnet was delayed again.
A trial on the mobile site has proven to me that if its at all posted its unrelyable and delayed as heck so I won’t be posting there.
As it is this looks stable for now at least it should be more stable being that its on loads of places and is opensource and as an admin the interface rocks.
On to other news.
During a walk a couple days ago I twisted my ancle and this is just bad man.
Life dcontinues but hmmm.
Today will focus us on keeping up to date, luckily lj worked yesterday.
my old blog at has the details of all that.
Today I will focus on training, piano, and attempt to see what is going on with the uni situation.
There is reading to do and maybe sleeping in the lounge, a thing I hardly manage to do.
There is walking and a few other things like watching undercover boss.
I neeeeeeeed!
to finnish work on uncle’s system, this is one major task this week.
I also need to go to grandpa on wednesday night or thursday and actually check mail and a few other things.
Hopefully I can fit this in when I walk tomorrow or thursday.
This should unless other gay and stupid things appear like longer than usual update downloads, or other stupidities of that nature.
I need to do other stuff for now so for now laters

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