new life, new blog

Hi all.
Well due to the fact klango which is wordpress powered decided to not be relyable today, I have decided to do the blog on here.
There is probably perminantly the blog until I decide otherwise.
Old blog rants are at
Technical posts are still at

Ok, so you are a loyal user and wander what I happend to be doing after the 18th december.
The last you heard I was getting ready for christmas.
In no real order, the following happened.

1. normal training, piano etc.
I am in better shape than last I blogged definately.
I am walking the milford rocks and other narrow paths with reasonable ease.
Work in auckland uni is ongoing though right now I am waiting for the next incomming contract which is always round this year.
well this time in the year.
My music continues.
electronic listening and jazz playing not withstanding though I will make moves to do other things with this.
Due to a faulty driver my system had to be reloaded last week which went without a hatch.
Lasting 2 days to get things going again though I still need to get a few games registered.
My uncle al has a system I maintain, now he has broadband this is all over the phone now.
What else.
Life continues as its always done, jono, grandpa, uncle al, aunt.
Work play and such.
Its not much but unless its raining loads and I don’t get much sun I am ok with it really.
This blog will focus on any trips I do, some rants and standard weekly doings of myself.
Unfortunately this blog won’t focus on podcasts as again I don’t have that capability really yet but one day.

So what happened.
on the 16th of june 2011 the site went down for 24 hours.
I then checked that lj was posting my stuff a thing I hardly read
ANd descovered it wasn’t till I viewed my posts.
I found that lj has partnered with facebook and a few other things with a result some external url to facebook has a bad config app in my lj no matter what I change.
Today I tried klango but its servers are flakey and I really want some sort of blog.
Well the blog part is flakey the rest, who knows.
Contacting me.
For security reasons I won’t be sharing any of my contact info except the stuff that doesn’t matter much.

You can find me on klango under the name crashmaster.
On that note you can find me on under that name.
If you are registered you can email me.
Hmmm on that note I am stuck on gmail now so maybe my email address is out there anyway.
email is
I check klango and email twice and more daily.
I don’t use msn much but I still use it more than skype is my msn.
Its also my jabber and aol and yahoo though I don’t use those.
It was and still is my email address but I don’t use that anymore so don’t send there.
My skype is shaun_everiss though you need to be on my contact list on msn to get in skype.
You need to email me to if you go on there.
ANd before you add me.
If I don’t know who you are and where you come from
THen you will be flagged as spam and blocked.
A note about attachments.
Don’t send me anything.
Any attachments good or bad will be deleted.
You want to send me something then you need to tell me what it is and then send me a dropbox, sendspace or web server link.
A small note on dropbox.
If you are in any of the shared folders on dropbox.
like bgt, bgt programs bgt world or anything leave a text with the message in the root and I’ll look you up.

Things not to do.
Don’t ask me for cracks or alegal music.
Don’t flame or send non constructive critisism.
If you do then I won’t be nice.
If you want to say something you hate then say it to my face well as close as you can with text at any rate.

From time to time I may rant.
These rants are just that, rants.
Its my opinion and I am probably rather peeved at that point.
I don’t expect a comment I just blow off that is all.
I also speak my mind you don’t like it, well tough.
Nothing is sugar coated for anyone’s benifit.
Not even me.
Not even for legal reasons.
If I feel strongly about something then know about it you will.
That said I am usually cool about that.
Withthat out the way, have a nice life.
I will keep you uptodate.
For the rest of you.

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