Hi all.
Well this is a quick update for this week because I truely don’t have anything to do.
Finnished updates and getting things working.
Went to devenport on friday, will have family tonight.
Thursday saw me changing a christmas present shirt for something else and getting myself new bedding.
They say omicron will be here in the month.
Covid does not scare me but the lockdown prospect does, lets hope we will have actual holidays this year and not stay at home orders again.
Little else has happened of note as usual.
I had a friend which I saw on wednesday and that was an entire after noon thing that friend being one we don’t usually meet.
I took aunty theresia out to coffee at glenfield mall yesterday and that was fine.
Please be carefull if you are in the path of either wind storms or volcanoes this week.

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Hi all.
Well a lot hhas happened in the grand scheme of things.
Firstly, my arm is sore.
I had my booster yesterday.
So in no particular order I had the following things happen.
1. loaded a bunch of updates.
2. went out for lunch with my dad and to uncle Al’s 70th birthday dinner all in 1 day.
3. had friends last week from mid day till basically midnight minus a couple hours.
Had the traditional birthday with caren later on the next day.
Weather is hot as usual.
Went out yesterday with friends early so not sure why I even am up.
Woke up at 3 am and semi woke at 2 am.
I listened to a few tv series and the like.
Today again I have nothing planned.
And to be honest I don’t know what I will be doing.
Update day tomorrow.
I have absolutely no idea what will happen.
Covid has hid a few festivals and people are bandying round the full lockdown over and over though they say we won’t.
With all the old gens concerned on how they want their country to be returned to who knows.
I don’t see it is a big issue.
But then my influence of this country is fuck all.
I don’t have to care I will be 40 this year and technically middle age ish.
I’m pritty sure life aint going to progress and right now its still summer.
There is the art deco fest next month.
And thats good.
I have complied with all rules thus far and had my shots.
There is absolutely nothing I can do if I appear in a covid hotspot so fuck up already and let me believe life is fine at least till winter.

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Well its happened.
After a cold spell its finally got hot.
The pool is on and well things continue.

I recieved my gift card on the 31st of december.
I went out with the vintage car club yesterday to various places which was nice.
I had mum’s birthday at my aunt’s house which was also nice with a few bits of drinking and eating.
I had my dads birthday at a nice eatery and it to was nice.
Tomorrow I will be able to have my booster, ho hum.
Today we have friends at home and tomorrow mum and dad see friends.
Had Ryan and sally as usual last night.
Got training as usual.
Nothing going on as usual.
I really like summer.
The urgency that the world takes is gone at least till april/may.
A lot of well reasons to be alive, a lot of reasons to believe I am anywhere but in my little life.
My alergies are really bad
Yesterday I managed to breathe actual air all day with mask use only twice and only for a couple minutes to get to a seat in a caffee.
Seriously not sure what I will do about mask use.
With my alergies all that restricted air makes it worse.
I have my emergency card with me but really the only other way to get round tis is not go out.
And while I technically could do this I do want a break from this crummy office.
There is a new cloan out to play online.
And I am just not interested in even attempting to bother with it.
In fact I have lost interest in life completely bar the usual grind.
I really think I need a new life.
I have got to used to this one.
In fact I may end this one and replace it with what?
I want a better life but I don’t know what to replace it with.
I can’t just end it all and go on my own at not just yet.
So if I get a new life I want someone to take with me to that one.
Or is it just the summer haze putting me in this weird transitional state.
I do know that in about 4 hours or so its going to be semi hot.
And I know at least 3 hours after that that its going to be to hot to even do anything constructive.
If I survive with windows open till 9 pm or 10 pm, it will be cool enough for me to sleep again.
The only good news is I woke up at 4.30 instead of 2.00 like I have been doing for ages.
Maybe I need to relax more.

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Hi all.
Christmas is over.

Omichron is here so maybe we get more lockdowns no one is sure what is going to happen.
Did a disk backup with casper and yeah it worked.
Removed casper from my box because I no longer need it for at least a year then again I may not need to use it at all.
So christmas got me with a lot of chocolate, clothes and misc food items.
No gift card yet.
Its gotten a lot hotter of late but thats about it.
Dad’s birthday tomorrow and so we go out again.
Not sure what I will do today.
I have been trying to get away from my computer a thing I will endevor to do again today.
Yesterday was the disk backup but today there shouldn’t be any excuse to not be here.
There are few updates and few blog posts that matter.
Everyone is chilling and little is needing to get done.
I need to studdy my watch and get rid of a calendar from this year as it will be done soon.
Little else is planned.
Watchhed yesterday, my first watching tv moment with the family since for ever.
Hmmm a world without beatles aint all that bad, no harry potter, but then no coke, and no cigarettes and thats at least interesting.
One of my friends well jono may be moving house this year but hmm.
Things I have planned to do.
Really unsure what I will be doing today.
Do I even need to know what I will be doing today?
Do I even care what I will be doing today.
The world stopps till at least the 5th of January 2022 and while there is more fighting to do the world has reached the end of another cycle and nothing is or should be planned at least for the moment.
Christmas was quite good with cousins, ue boom bluetooth speakers, old music, christmas music, and disco at a really loud volume with bass galore.
Yesterday I was tired and just didn’t have much energy.
Today I feel more normal at least.
See you next year I guess.

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Hi all.
Well saw the friend, and it was good as always.
James bond was weird it looks to be the last in the series though is it the last of bond?
Who knows rumors are abound that we haven’t seen the last of him but who knows.
We had dinner at the theatre, mostly pizza and a good icecream.
Shopped for more things, presents for people, shoes for mum.
Cases jump about and there is a new varient.
And withh Auckland due to drop to stage 2 alert from stage 3 that at least means things may be going back to normal.
Not that it aint already close to.
Masks and passes sure but its normal enough.
Not much more to say.
Christmas at the end of the next week.
A lot of work is starting to pile in for next year or at least first part of it anyway.
Everything from serveys to new hardware to well, other things, some payed for and some waiting.
One thing I should be getting is a supermarket gift card for some work I did on audio description questions so that will be nice.
At this stage its art deco next year but thats up in the air as always.
A lot of stuff hhas started on my bro’s wedding and other things.
There has also been some classified work I did that may yeald some more work in the future.

There is some upcoming equipment which may mean another job is coming from some place.
Shit’s getting real and in a good way.
Anyway thats about it.
There are some family christmas things due to happen and maybe you get a post or not we will see.

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Hi all.
Its been ages since I posted.
There hhas been fuck all and to much happening in equal parts.
So, we have been outside of lockdown in the red setting.
So far not much has changed except we are free to go out.
Cases are slowly dropping off though auckland still gets its share and a few people die.
There are a lot of fake checkpoints up north from me by one of the maori groups or maybe several.
Basically we can’t go up north because of some gangs blocking it they say covid but really its just what they do.
Its starting to get harder and harder to keep this blog neutral.
So anyway, loads of updates, the last updates should be next week.
Both supernova and nvda have updates out and there is a new ocr addon released to.
I’ve been out to Poohoi cafe and pub and had lunch, squid and fish today.
Last week I went japanese in Tokio bay in takapuna then on saturday went to an italian joint for dinner with dad and a friend.
Tomorrow we go and see another friend for dinner the same person we go to ahipara with but I guess we can’t go this year, I mean there have been a few issues with going there anyway but who knows.
Next week we look at the venue for bro’s wedding next year as well as seeing the new James bond movie.
I have been spending time shopping and getting ready for christmas.
I have another family related thing on monday to.
Thats pritty much it, though I also have done some tidying of room this week.
Thats it for now.

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Hi all.
So it continues.
With family talking about how bad things are going to be who knows.
Things continue to continue.
Instead of covering the normal things lets continue on other things.
I got a job with intopia which is ongoing maybe.
Completed this job last week testing government websites.
Seems an age since I did this.
That was my first job and now I got a chance to actually do it again which rocks.
Of course I had to sign an nda.
That means, no talky about job.
I did do a job testing a site which had issues and which will be fixed.
Everyone is happy so thats a pluss.
Went out on friday and had a trucker pie, mostly meet and vegetables.
Weather has been rainy and stupid.
Mum wants to walk, aparently its clearing out but I don’t trust the weather just yet.
Systems got updated, first the dotnet libraries and visual studio stuff and second the big os update including thhe updates for windows 10 21h2.
Its this month and little was updated but we will see what we see I guess.
Dropbox and calibre had updates and a few other things.
Rumors are that we will be exiting to the new traffic light system.
The levels are hard lockdown, semi hard lockdown and whatever normal functionality means.
No idea how its all going to work but slowly bits of the country are attempting to meet the rules.
Little more to say.
Maybe there will be christmas, or maybe I will sleep till new years.

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Hi all.
Welcome to another lets enter some text because there is no reason to write.
I didn’t write anything about last week because though we went out it rained so I stayed in the car sleeping.
I did have a corrianda and lemon icecream from the usual joint but its hardly worth a blog entry.
There were updates again this week but not worth the blog entry.
More government drama but again I don’t care to write it down.
I got my ears sucked and thats good.
I have a possible servey/ job I entered into with the guys behind audio described tv and movie programs so maybe thats a good thing.
I haven’t had payed work in months, so much for a freelancer.

I expect christmas will be spent in bed because of the apocolipse there won’t be a tree or even a christmas so maybe I can sleep all that day.

Essentially everyone is waiting for a 90% vaxrate before we go to a traffic light system, red, hardlock orange, softlock, and green its power up the reacters.
Essentially in practice this means an open ended lockdown for the next 1000 years because we will be waiting for ever.
There is more drama but still.
Supplies get harder and harder and unrealistic rules continue to continue.
And so it continues.
The only good news is they finally release the latest win10 next month.

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Well before we have the weekly report on the current state of the apocolipse I will describe something which is not related.
Yesterday being friday, I woke up late like 10.30 am in the morning.
We had coffee and some cake with a friend outside, it always needs to be outside for now.
I also had breakfast at that time.
Then I went out to town in the car, walked from west haven to winyard quarter and almost to the bottem of town if you know where that is.
We got a middle eastern lunch which was nice.
Due to the current state of affairs the cost was a lot for what we got and service was terrible so we won’t be back to at least that place.
I also had my first jalato and it was ginger crunch, actual bits of ginger crunch crumbled on top.
I then went home and had a gingerbeer and rum.

So thats the good thing.
Down the rabbit hole we go.
Firstly the middling stuff.
Office updates other updates, more printer issues on win11 and a bunch more other junk.

Now to the pits of hell we go.
Things are really getting expensive now.
Shipping is really blocked up globally, and supplies are getting shortened.
A lot of things will be changed including tourism for ages to come.
And it appears our climate change plans are out, as usual, good ish ideas but implimentation sucks.
So no farms, no meat, no power, no nothing and nothing much more on that.
The minorities bray about how they need more and so it goes on.
Its still hoped that we can still arm up and be ready to actually do some dammage but its also been acknowledged that we are shielding ourselves quite harshly, and won’t be able to keep things active to much longer.
So either we get there and manage to get vaccinated or the zombies will over run us soon enough.
Rumors are targets unofficially for the first of december, and its only going to get worse.

No targets as such and everything is being done when it needs to.
We don’t have much left and it could get worse.
So living in a minefield where each mine is a 20 megatone nuke waiting to blow the balls off of any guy that may make the simplest of mistakes.
So far no hits though its got close.
Various dramas with friends and closer to home have showed me that this is luck mostly that I havn’t got a shell just yet.
Its also known that cancers and other things are falling by the wayside.

So we have shifted from the business of trying to keep the hord out to the long, bloody and drawn out business of all out battle.
And we may lose who knows.
Supplies are short and it will get worse though one is hoping that we can eventually prevaille.
The dammage will be massive, indirectly as well as directly.
And there are a few people that no longer want to know, but I still do.
So I guess something in me hasn’t given up just yet.
However even streaming and network prices are going up.
I feel for the poor bastards that didn’t have any funds to start with no matter who they are currently.
And for the generations that come after, well its bleak not uncermountable but for now well.
What is worse is no one knows where the next shot will come from.
No one is even talking about cluster areas, its all over the place and thats about it so it must be serious.
The top brass aren’t giving us any real clear direction either at this point so I suspect they don’t even know.
With a changing enemy and target constantly moving its hard.
Oh well, find what you can when you can.

Today I plan to do some updates and such.
Should be warm and sunny so who knows.
At least I have another place close to me to go.

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