More weekly mayhem

Hi all.
DID blood tests and my colestral is high, so more veges for me oh well.
Updates for java, codecguide mega, a few windows apps.
May have got a volintier job at foundation library working with their amazon intergration project going to have a shot.
Got my curtains off for the work on the windows to start on monday and cleared a lot of extra junk, mostly dead drives, clocks and the like.
The room echoes a lot more but its ok.
Had coffee and cake on tuesday with dad in montros, had lunch today in stone oven devenport, a nice pie and cake again but its the second this week and usually I have more.
There is a supposed heatwave striking soon maybe this weekend not seen it yet.
Going away next week.

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Hi all.

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adendum to post

Forgot to mention that we had sally about for most of last week.
She and ryan are into board games like katarn, an age of empires city builder.
Was tempted to play the opening theme to age of empires. but diddent.

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Well, new week, new drama

Hi all.
Welcome to another week and welcome to a new laptop.
Yes most of this week has had me loading data, reloading backup data, refreshing synced shares, having things crash, working in hot rooms and so on and so on.
I am the proud owner of an hp entertainment/gaming workstation a db 0149au, ryson5, vega8 internal graphics, 1tb seagate internal and a toshiba ssd of 256gb in size win10.
I have a slim drive to, not the ns50 but nb50 but oh well.
Things I have done, sorted out presents that are on the way I think at least started.
Got this laptop working to a point I can use it without it being an utter stupid mess.
Though after a long data session and a few things, the entire thing decided to lock up and be stupid.
Granted I don’t usually work with 50+gb of data on 2 drives with music playing in stream and things daily in a hot room but oh well.
Good thing from that is that someone has finally after ages and ages removed all the duplicates from chipmusic folder and that itself means a lot to me.
Sadly both abbyy and some winterwolves games no longer work due to the fact the reg codes just don’t work.
For winterwolves they changed their system to another one which is simpler to use and is all online outside the game.
I need to think carefully about abbyy fine reader though.
I have paperport from my brother scanner which appears to be a full version.
I may have to rebuy abbyy fine reader, but I can’t right now, firstly, I have spent 400 bucks this month.
Firstly to get the new vocaliser synths for 64 bit work as I heard that the 32 bit ones keep being switched out by windows and are just blaa.
At any rate, the synths have a small installer and then its all cloud based and such.
They sound different and I am happy I have them.
I also got win10 pro, which while I don’t need pro has given me control over my life.
Tried skype again yesterday and I couldn’t make any sence of it.
The good thing is that today I actually can leave the computer without being guilty about it.
I still havn’t rang university on experiments, but will do this morning.
Eyes are on the mend ish, they will never bee the same but right now I can drop things and thats fine though the 1 sized auto drop device I got from the foundation is 1 size fits all if that all is 1 small dropper and none of the huge things I currently own.
Realme is varified.
I went out with dad to town and had a blast this week, plan to go devenport today while traffic is good.
Hopefully I don’t have another association issue like I had with text files being dropped among others.
I hope I don’t have another winamp issue.
basically .msc files are winamp files but they are not.
In 7 I could toggle these off and on as I needed to.
In 10, I couldn’t without unblocking mmc.exe from being associated with anything.
simillarly with eurofly.
It wouldn’t accept my profile untill I put it in another folder, registered a new one and then coppied the entire thing back into itself.
Then it seems to have accepted the thing and still retain my weather api key.
Going away in the next couple weeks, up north as usual.
Laters all.

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Happy new year ish

Hi all.
Well, christmas is over.
So christmas had me at aunt’s with the family, so basically I got clothes, and some food, a little chatting, eating, and random nothing went on.
Then the day after that, at my other aunt’s place on my dad’s side, where it was mostly a night of opinionated shit.
Basically they hate maori, in fact they just don’t care about a lot of things, maoris, media, anything that is not normal and boring.
Had to struggle not to loose it.
I don’t care about gangs and the like, but I wouldn’t go so far as to hate the treaty or anything.
Basically these people own the world or think they do and no wanker be he maori or in fact other people will get that from them.
There was so much wrong about the night I won’t even attempt to do much with that.
Basically it was a waste of time though one has to support my dad I guess.
Its a shame that there are people in this world that have little depth to them.
They are the kind of people that if the world went and nuked itself they would be the people worried about missing their favorite tv show or having the next bear.
It would be more annoying if they couldn’t watch tv than actually dieing.
Its a bit sad in a way but oh well.
Dad’s birthday was a blast with us going to a turkish place off the devenport wharf devenport is usually fully clogged with traffic and usually just screwed totally but it was good to go and have an expensive lunch.
Yesterday I went to a friend’s place, and had salmon on the barbeque and christmas cake.
Then I had uncle john for the night which was good.
Today at night I will be going to a chinese place for new year called emperas garden with ryan and his girlfriend sally for a little meatup.
I havn’t been there since I was a little lad.
There are a few things to go through before I get to the big things.
Firstly I need to renew my realme id, and next is my eye reevaluation on the 9th.
I may go to aunt’s place for lunch, then again, I keep being drawn back to the laptop idea.
I was holding out to get uncle johnn’s laptop and fix it but he’s not ready, I am seriously thinking about going for a new box.
I don’t need it but its been on my mind all this year especially because I almost got a bad deal.
Next year mum and such will be going away for a few weeks to europe again.
The first thing I need to do is check for the lab rat tests on the university research and see if there is anything needing to be done.
The windows will go in so expect some disruption.
Thats about it.
See you whenever.

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Christmas posting

Hi all.
Well this is probably the last post before christmas.
I havn’t written much because not much has happened.
So basically updates, lunch, went to eye doctor and found out my right eye is smaller and sore and got drops for it.
Was told I may loose eyes which sucks but then compaired to what I could have ended up in the scheme of things its neither here or there at least I don’t have brain issues, so yeah, I could have ended up sighted and retarded or worse but I am blind and otherwise normal I guess 99.9% of everything and no display is better than no cpu or ram sticks or any storage devices of any kind.
Had my audio inputs cleared, ears get dewaxed every year else they stop working and I need my audio ports to work.
Pritty sure about the new laptop.
Its going to be the db149.
Its described on review as a pritty dark screen with impressive intergrated graphics and shitty screen angle with only mid level gaming.
On the otherside its fine as a low cost workstation.
Since other gaming units cost double what it cost, and since workstations cost more than that, I will probably go for that.
Then for the external dvd a lg slim ns 50 or ns100.
Both cost the same price and one has a little more than the other so yeah.
Not much has been going on.
Still waiting for christmas packages
Christmas in the park sucked due to wind, I saw half of it but it just sucked music wize.
So yeah thats about it.
Christmas in a couple days.

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Here we go round the winamp bush

Hi all.
Welcome to another week of random things which seem to comprize my life at the moment.
Firstly I am the owner of a new brother mfcl2713dw mono laser multifunction printer.
Its nice, its loaded and ready to go and in use.
This week involved, lunch and such with mum, seeing friends, a few more windows and other updates, sound updates and the like.
fre-codecs released a gigantic realtech package with all the drivers in it but no manual to identify what all the ids and such mean so I have just loaded the last driver that works in the windows boxes that I know works for now.
Jono’s place was good, we had chicken nibbles, potatoes, brockily and almonds and icecream marshmellows strawberries and little mince pies.
The other thing of note is that after trying to play some modules in winamp I found a lot of my stuff didn’t play.
After doodling round I have fixed the issues with the use of chipamp which plays a lot of stuff, bassmod which although old plays a few more things and open mpt which is supposed to be better than basemod but doesn’t play everything.
I then redid and backed up the winamp configuration.
Tomorrow I will see christmas in the park, and as long as the weather doesn’t suck it will be a blast.
Update week next week, getting things ready to do uncle john’s computer and have another possible testing job for a new company on the cards.
I have also completed my christmas shopping, yaaay!!!
Laters just now

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