its been a while

Firstly go to to find out about all the updates and game reviews.
A lot of stuff has happened since last blog.
Firstly, back 2 weeks ago.
Ryan went to the airport and I had japanese oodon for breakfast.
Saturday I had jono though it was really wet and cold and we did various things.
Next week, had the aniversery update which I got manually for one workstation and which seems to work ok dispite issues some users are having.
My keyboard seems ok again to but sho knows.
A few walks here and there.
I also celebrated a friends of mum’s birthday last sunday.
This week has mostly been walks, catching up on podcasts and general stuffage.
updating windows, ccleaner, klite packs dropbox and winten addons for nvda.
I have also completed from most of last week till a couple days ago a language called twine at least playing games made with such language which are html web games which were interesting in themselves.
I also have I think fixed issues with some excel printer issues I had but who knows.
The olimpics has dominated the house for the last little while and I have been watching it.
Everything seems to be going on as it has been for ever more though.
I can see the end of my day though.
just waiting for some gdc 2016 stuff to add to the gdc bundle on my drives, then I am going to be done for the day.
Sadly over the last 2 days I have been sick with some sort of headake bug, but I continue working through it.
Its finally fined up, brisk cool mornings, and warm days make it a change from the cold and stormy conditions plagueing us over the last few weeks.
Things I really want to get sorted include the maintinence of uncle al’s systems as well as a chrome issue one one of those systems.
The only other thing to report is grandpa has now a solar watch.
laters all.

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This weeks ramblings

Hi all.
Well if you find a few extra space s in my files or something then thats what will happen.
My new gaming board I h ave used a lot has decided that its space bar will double press for unknown reason.
Sometimes other letters will press to, I wander if it is dirty.
Anyway this week has had a few things.
Monday, nothing well mum was away from work in the afternoon so we walked and had coffee and cake.
Tuesday, I went out with dad for coffee and walked on the waterfront wednesday was grandpa’s turn and we hit the mall for lunch and then well we didn’t do much else bar shopping for him.
Today it rained, so I went out to finnish our shopping.
Tomorrow am not sure.
Saturday training but then am not sure.
Sunday, walk and it goes all over till tuesday/wednesday when windows redstone comes online.
Oh yeah all you upgraders, get it now or don’t get it at all.
Ryan goes to europe thursday morning and he wants me to take him to the airport.
Weather I do that is another matter.
Its at 7 in the morning.
He also had some teeth issues which got fixed so yeah its that sort of a week.
Over the next little while I need to.
1. repole jobs.
2. service computers for dad and uncle al.
3 finnish manamon, rampage and rythm rage.
4. take a trip with dad.
Laters just now.

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monday monday

Hi all.
Welcome to a cold monday.
Ok, anything interesting this week?
Hmmm the only interesting thing was saturday when myself dad and mum went to uncle al’s in east auckland to look at some art exhibition aunt wendy had on we then went to a pub and had some nice chicken pot pies and other things.
Yesterday we went to the markets well dad and I did, and spent 45 bucks on dvds, including the complete avengers series for 20 bucks for the complete set.
We then tried to walk in the rain and wind.
Had roast and soup last night with grandpa.
Backed up my chips folder from bt sync 1x.
Today we need to install some cupboard doors and a rubbish bin at my grandpa’s because the bin got busted and the doors mneeded referbishment.
On that note, my old grandpa, my last grand everything is just about done, he is almost 90 still its going to be funny to know that with him gone there is like 20-30 years left or so then it will be me then shortly after that who knows.
The way life is dealing itself, I am not going anywhere fun, no family, no job, no children, no normal life at least not the life I dream of from time to time.
On the other side, I have just 1 more bit of tech related flash update junk to do then I will be finnished for the day and so will be able to do something semi interesting.
Technically that is, my stomach does not feel that settled, not hurting but unsettled none the less.
I hope I am not catching another winter bug meh!
The only good news is I will be able to like leave the pc early.

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another week of baggage

Hi all and welcome to another stupid fucked up week in the life of your’s truely.
So it is july yaay for that or maybe not.
So what has been going, hit town yesterday to celebrate mine and a family friend’s birthdays.
Had nice spanish breakfast, looked at the nespresso and an arcade and came home.
Saturday, went to jono, brought a load of stuff enough to sink a cruise liner, ate apple crumble and pasta.
Updated another klite codec pack.
A reminder that the standard updates are tomorrow.
I have half a mind to not even blog about those.
But we will see its always the same though.
Due to delays my music comes august 1 3 months after I brought it maybe? hopefully?
Also my earphones are in the country and will come in 10 days or so so that will be nice.
No news about mobility card, not much to report but I did get the space above and beyond series off my friend in mkv, thanks for my 200 buck applian suite I was able with the use of the mouse and a lot of doodling to convert it all from a 14gb video set to about 931mb of actual audio.
I have not as of yet listened to it.
I am undecided what my course of today will be.
I woke up at 5 in the morning, and now its 9.15 in the morning.
Having squashed all the podcasts yesterday I have training and clothes to do afterwards I will, I am unsure.
Technically I can play games or watch tv or a video file or 2.
I could convert all the vids I have downloaded to actual audio.
But I rarely have a free day these days.
Its to early right now to ring up my bosses at auckland uni and ask what is on at least not just yet.
Speaking of this, its about time for a job pole.
I know sonnar is off till august to so thats ok.
Talkdoit is sadly just not talking to me.
Every time in the past I get you are successfully logged in to the chat, please wait for users to join the channel.
I am half tempted to ask for another irc server or something and just leave the entire thing.
The prime dev is silent and has been for a while.
I know he has a full on life being a blind sportsman but to be honest with no status updates for a few months I am wandering if I should cut my losses with him to.
Its good all we got to was 1, a sound library which I owned allready and.
2. the rest of the assistance I gave him was for his website and programs to host the site right via ftp.
Fact is, I havn’t lost anything at this stage but things are hanging in place.
I don’t even think the userbase remembers us.
Cash wise its not a problem, I am happy that bar 1 small thing, the only things we have spent for were for our site and its management as I had the library anyway.
The site has 2.5 years left of runtime.
But we better be producing by then else I may just kill all contacts and leave.
And this had potential to.
Oh well at least we didn’t go over our heads.
I don’t have the time to bother with it anyway.
If it starts and stays started fine.

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a little snippit of news

Hi all.
Firstly, good news on trek things.
It appears at least from one of the places that I get things that the guidelines only effect film related material and not audio podcasts.
Further to this a descussion with the makers cbs and paramount by creaters of one trek show reveals that there are no plans to make any audio guidelines, and at least for the moment it is unlikely to eventuate that audio guidelines will ever bee made.
This does mean that our tv trek fanfilm industry may have to rework itself but that our podcasts which as far as I care are the new way anyway are here to stay.
Next, I have brought earlier this week the 3d andriea electronics 3d surround earplug vr mics and they come on the 20th of this month.
sadly the price came up from 20 us to 22 then went up to 30.5 us about 44 bucks nz, still for what I get well.
I have just been told they are shipped.
The only thing of note is I troubleshooted a coms issue with aunt’s phoneline and that seems to be under at least some sort of resolution.
I did my first big training this week and guess since I am quite tired that I am not yet over my trip just yet.
Hopefully this will be ok.
Oh well, I only have 3 big trainings till august and on that date, I will be able to do my normal for the next 6 weeks so what ever.
I will have more news next week.
Keep your eye on the articles for the win10 aniversery, the upgrade offer ends july 29 with an extention for disabled users using access tech.
There has just been a major one posted about access to the os but who knows what that means.
laters all

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System ready

Hi all.
Well this post is just to say that after several days and nights working to 1 am in the morning, I am done.
3 days and nights later and I am done!
All data read, all podcasts done etc.
With the upgrade to windows 10 end of life looming, I am just not going to bother.
2 things have stopped me.
1. A holiday is a good way to recharge and adjust to things.
Its also a good way to well stop momentum.
Ms seems to have seen the light and I am actually as a user going to win.
2. I have never been ready to upgrade as such I am not sure if I ever will now at least not till I have to.
Ms will release another upgrade experience shortly.
If its as stupid as the other ones then it should be easy enough to delete, easier than upgrade.
3. Hmmm so 3?
My system is still stable.
The world is moving, and I am not a part of it.
And so the world is leaving me in a hole which to be fucking honest I don’t much give a shit anymore what the fucking world thinks.
Back in the day I had a dream, an idea, a chance.
Now I don’t.
My destination is a home for the retarded bastard and I am fine with that to be honest.
The world as it is, well to be honest I am unsure if I care to be a part of the new world order anyway.
Case in point.
Yesterday I sorted out all the foundation issues mostly.
Forms for a mobility card, done.
Cane, well they don’t know what is going on, say there is some sort of exchange period but am not sure what the issue is.
The lowly tech that looked at it didn’t understand what exactly things were and so on and so on.
What happened to the previous order where people actually cared, it seems we are all borg.
I don’t mind being borg if it works for you isn’t that whats it about?
Sometimes the collective doesn’t work, this is one of the times it doesn’t.
Its also why I have distanced myself from that zone.
I can afford to at least for a few more years.
After that I will be classed as unfit probably and be put in my own zone.
Ofcause if another zone does come along then well we will see.
On the other side win10 redstone goes live august 2 I hope nvda is ready for the upgrade.
One thing to note is that you won’t need to like do anything to make it happen.
I am tempted though to run in the stable no os upgrade branch on dad’s box but then again I will have to deal on other units so may be not.
I just hope I don’t have to reconfig every fucking setting again.
Another reason I have not upgraded are the inconsistancies in the uia interface library.
win7 doesn’t have these issues.
In fact win7 hasn’t got the issues 10 does.
I am unsure at this point if I will.
a. get a new computer or.
b. get a referbished or trademe computer which still has win7 on.
Right now I can buy a 4th or 5th generation quad and still have the power and ram to spare.
While power is good, a 1-2gb video card is enough for me I need no more.
4-8gb of ram is fine for me 16 would be nice but anymore, naaa.
a 120gb ssd with an 1-2tb hdd would be nice maybe a 256 or 512gb ssd but the price!
WHat I have a 500-1tb internal drive is just as good.
Next extras.
I think I am passed it actually caring about extras now.
I have a good access point, and a good router.
A good wireless extender, a good computer for now.
I have hard drives, flash drives, cds, an old but usable mouse and a mechanical keyboard and an honest to god really cool soni digital recorder.
I am in a sweet spot right now.
I may get one of those andriea electronics 3d headbud microphone sets but thats about it.
The next jobs on the line will be ryan’s i3, then my personal computer.
I doubt vary much dad will ever need to upgrade and the only reason I’d upgrade would to get a quad core i5 or 7 unit.
And well thats about it I have no need to upgrade anymore.
A server would still be nice but as it is the only coms thing I’d like would be fibre.
As it stands, the 15mbps down is fine enough for me right now.
This orcon branded netcom seems ok and accessible.
The netgear access point is the same as the netcom.
I am in a sweet spot right now.
I don’t have the latest os thats true but why bother.
I have always thought that the system should run what it was designed for to run in top condition.
This system was designed for 8 but can run 7 just fine.
Technically it should be able to go 10.
The only good news is I won’t have to well upgrade and have to start narator just to upgrade things.
And all upgrades to win10 seem free.

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And I’m back

Firstly a few points. has the tech update in it.
Next, a shoutout to all trekers that I am thinking of you.
I learned that paramount and cbs have guidelines out for fan fiction.
I am not sure what those are but neither do I fucking care.
Essentually startrek is dead, and I mean completely dead.
As of basically now every fanfiction site has stopped producing because they will be sued for doing so.
I am unsure what this means but right now everyone is scared.
Next, I missed out a diagnostic hub update in the update part of the tech update I posted on monday.
Next after viewing this months renpys I found them all bad I even brought a couple small ones and they sucked either accessibility and or writing wise.
I’d stay tuned for the neilsbauer stuff though because he has 2 in the works now one zombie and one historic will be good when they come out especially with what he released a bit ago.

Finally, on to the actual news.
Hi all.
Well While I am still snowed under with 4 audio files, 1 conference recording, 2 radio shows and a music demo, I have completed enough of the data and answered all requests enough to post here.
I have read over 2000 skype messages and the same with emails.
I have checked all sites and updates.
I have been sick, and had sick family.
Still after 2 days back well 3 now, I think I am about done.
I need one day or 2 of intence going over and I will be fully up with the play.
What I will do now is wind back.
I am affraid I don’t know all the days or in fact all the names of places so I won’t try.
Over the holiday I have been to so many things.
In singapoor which I really like, I went to a planning museum, an art gallery with a guided audio tour with a real guide, got rained on once and got stuck in hotel due to rain once.
Watched a light show twice with music, saw the marina sans hotel and had lunch there.
I also walked round a botanical garden, saw an flower garden or 2, and wandered round the mall.
Most of the city is underground due to heat and the way its designed its got 38 basements.
The first 2-4 are shops.
The next 5-10 are transport from the subway to lower down.
The next few are water and waste.
After that there is electric power and backups and data.
Finally weapon storage etc.
Singapoor has had an interesting history, it was a brittish colony, then due to the brittish being stupid, got invaded and ocupied by japan for a couple years.
Then malasia took it over for a time then indonesia attacked it.
After it it became corrupt and got taken over by the millitary and others like the millitary, I won’t try to spell the leader’s name but he did something right.
True, you will die if you bring drugs, true you will get the cane or worse if you steal, true if you drop rubbish you get fined and true if you say anything against the government or protest you will go to jail, but within that framework you are safe and for the most part free.
No one will dare do anything to you or anything else while you are round.
Everything is signed and well posted and everything continues under one ruler to this day.
There is a government.
And for all those shouting what about democracy and freedom, obviously its been working for ages now.
I am sure if the people had lagit issues and they were not resolved they could take on their government but they aren’t and things seem to be ok.
Point is the country is thriving right now their city plans and other things are advanced and they look like one of those scifi citties you see like the thing with bioshock except its sort of working here at least.
I don’t think to be honest that its that bad at least for a tourist.
I also looked at santosa island with several forts and battle places as well as several nature walks and a cable car and theme park and water feature.
Singapoor eventhough it is its own master is still brittish influenced in fact bar the heat, and the futuristic city you can get everything the world has to offer and more.
Its the broadcast hub and one of the major distribution hubs for everything in existance.
It is the centre or at least one of the centers of the universe.
Right, so what is the drawback to this?
I suspect there is one but either its kept well hidden or its not a major issue.
With cars restricted and a good bus and electric train service public transport is really good.
Saying that they are trying to prepair for the time when they get to big.
The city goes down and up, but not out, because they are an island.
I would recomend anyone that wants to go there to do so.
Bali on the other hand is different.
For one thing they are hindus.
this = insence, that pluss all the sigarette smoke, burning rubbish and cooking as well as polution means I won’t be back again ever.
This was the second time in which I visited a couple temples, some mountain places, countless eateries and 2 shopping centres.
I did not see the corruption I saw last time but in the airport porters took our bags then tried to scam us for cash.
We payed them some but they wanted more.
The only good thing is that the place is loaded with cops so they can’t do anything.
Indonesia well bali has not changed much.
We got a good driver and guide and such but even though we had not to many bad things go on, the place we stayed at in fact the same place we stayed at before was more run down with a boss that won’t do anything to fix his stuff.
Others that stayed there got a bad deal with things and things not working as they should.
The only good news was the water stayed on and I never got sick.
At least my stomach was fine.
One of the places I used to eat at was dieing though I had one meal there.
My birthday celebration was in a new place renouned for good food but it was so full I had to wait a while to get a table.
I would have prefured to just go to a local place and just go to bed after that.
They do have nice jalatos though in bali and I had it a couple times.
lemon grass and chilly chocolate is just the bomb man.

Things however did not go well after I got back.
1. at hop card, done.
2. fuck off benifit.
Yes, aparently due to a system crash the government decided not to pay my benifit for unknown reason.
Technical details, you are supposed to file a report 2 months out before you travel else your benifit is cut.
I did.
Sometime after that the system crashed.
The system was fixed, but since the benifit wasn’t going to be a problem things never got checked.
As a result, autogenerated letters and emails were sent, and my report was never filed or anuything though it must have been noted.
As a result of this, I have no benifit.
As far as the support people are, I do now, but as far as bits of the system are, I don’t.
The issue is fixed for now ie the time has lappsed making the issue invalid now.
I really was hoping I could set the online system and have it work.
I will have to try closer to the time and hope I don’t forget.
I will also have to make sure it is appearing in the system.

Next my new cane decided not to have a major component and so I need to return that.
I also need to renew my mobility card because the fucking council is not doing its job and sending me cards and its expired.
Now I need a reassessment which involves someone at a place filling out a form and 8 bucks for the replacement.
This involves me making a trip out to a part of the city I don’t usually go, thank god dad is at home otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

It also seems I have not missed much.
Most of the user messages are general crap, most of the mail messages are that way to.
there were 2 serveys I had to fill out, and one message from a dev I was applying to saying they will be doing work at the end of july.
Today I will get the last of the admin backlog out of the way.
I hope that I will get rid of everything else to.
One thing I have not achieved yet is sleeping at the right time without going to bed at 12am-2 am in the morning.
Right now I have to much to catch up, so I go till I am tired enough to dropsy then I dropsy into bed and sleep.
One thing I found when I got home was that an addon I use in firefox previously not working is and that miranda is up and running with aim active again.
Also I found and quickly killed mozilla history remember all address you type.
While I don’t mind this for email addresses I do for the web I don’t want auto fucking complete so turned it all off.
I have edited but not listened to recordings, I have also one more thing to buy for a birthday present or 2 later all.

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