Life continues

Welcome to life.
This is just to say I am here for what its worth.
So what has been going on.
Its been a month since my knee, and I am due to get another check because I thought it could be coming back.
Half of my scab just flaked out on my last bandage change.
So there is actual hope that I am actually going to be able to do something at last.
I plan to restart training next year unless something changes that is.
I want to be on the bike by 2-3rd january if I can.
Still not putting a deadline on the knee.
What needs to happen before I decide to get back in.
1. the knee needs to be free of crap and not needing a bandage.
2. I need to be able to use it without needing to do any work or at least without help.
This has been one of the major reasons I have not started training yet.
I can’t change my dressings, and I can’t or really shouldn’t get it wet just yet.
Even if I get back into my training, outside training will stop for at least a couple months.
Reason is its mid summer and I need to be carefull of hard ground, knee and sun.
The sun has been good for my issues with my head though who’s skin has been being dumb and flaking for god knows.
Now if it would stop storming I’d actually write more in this blog.
Its been storming on and off and being cold and hot and then stupid.
I have been walking with aunty t, helping her, walking a bit with mum, going out a bit, installing updates etc, etc.
I am in the process of updating to a new digital recorder as I really want to get something for this road trip I will be doing next year.
After a lot of fucking about I decided to get well an olympus recorder.
My options for my cash were.
1. another soni.
I have used soni units since the sx35 the px370 being the most accessible without speech.
However the sx was the best unit.
One thing I can not do at all is delete files.
Right now I Need to transfer the recorder, then reformat the unit then restart it and wait for it to beep.

Locally I have tried the wilson unit and it was like not meeting my needs as a field recorder.
I have used the sx35 till in tropical conditions it broke.
This sucks because if it hadn’t I’d still be using it.
The software worked but I had to transfer all stuff and reencode it as wav then encode it as mp3.
The recordings sounded mono, compressed and utter crap.
The next unit was the ux60 usb mp3 recorder with its 512mb storage.
As supposed to the 32mb I had before and mp3, the thing worked well enough.
Twin microphones and I was set.
The biggest issue was that I needed to carry round a laptop with me on every trip I went on.
I could record 5-6 hours which was enough but once it was full I had to dump then reformat the recorder.
To bad if the laptop crashed.
The nextt thing I got was the px.
With 2gb sd storage I was made.
With the 4gb sd card from my phone it was cool.
The ux biggest issue had been its hissy natture but this one was good and worked well enough.
No windscreens has always meant restricted recording though my andrea 3d phones have helped a lot internally.
Sadly as things have changed I have found myself not using this as much as I used to.
Now to talking recorders.
The best and most accessible is the electronix talking recorder for the blind.
At 300 us dollars its the most expensive but with 16gb on board storage, encoding up to 96kbps, 4800khz and pcm and mp3 recording, I was ready to pay.
The trouble is its sold and shipped in the us only by 1 store.
The Next unit on the list was the talking products microspeek pluss 8gb.
The unit is got what the last unit has, 1 microphone, less storage, 50 us, which pluss shipping was 130 dollars and lanyard support.
The storage was 8gb but oh well.
Reading reviews on amazon swayed me a little though.
Several said it did not perform to expectations, had issues with its controls, and was cheap and plasticky.

It did have software and would have done well enough.
I started talking to people about.
For ages since the ds30, dm3 4 5 and others like this I knew that olympus was probably what I should go for.
The biggest thing was it was mainstream technology.
This is more important today since covid has rendered a lot of international shipping lenghthy and unwize.
Its just hard to get shit in.
News today has stated we may not have enough stuff for christmas, and with 99.9% of the world still locked down, work for a lot of stuff is either not running or at reduced copacity.
I then moved through the olympus range.
My origional push was either the ws352 or 353, which would do everything the other units did, and probably would talk.
My first plan was to find either olympus or get in contact withh a store.
I managed to find a local dealer in wellington and prepaired to do some looking at it.
However after a little more search I found the newzealand distributer.
They are in my city of auckland and I called them.
The first important information I recieved was that there were only 2 units currently actively made that had guidence support.
These were the dm720 or the lsp4.
In terms of where I could get the olympus units the lsp4 was the more commen.
The other thing I learned was there was no lanyards at all.
This was slightly problematic.
No lanyard means I will need to find some way to have the unit carried and handled which I have not done much with just yet.
There are no cases anymore for the units so who knows.
The units are all metal, so no plastic.
There are no software bits as far as I can see but thats fine.
The dm720, is able to play music and I assume daisy books, though not tried them.
The system can handle everything, like the microspeak.
Of course battery charges on the rechargable and others depending on what you use are not as good as my soni, round half a day or less but conciddering I am using a electronic camera, with software, so a small handheld computer this is to be expected.
The only difference from the lsp and dm models is flack.
The lsp4 can do that.
Both have a tripple microphone system and can be adjusted for various settings.
The lsp also has 4 more gb then the dm.
And for 100 more dollars thats not much more to get.
Pluss the lsp seems to be what is popular and sold externally to olympus in new zealand.
I have managed to get a good deal on it because I have someone that can help me with that.
My next plan is to buy a 100mpbs or higher kingston or sandisk extreme durable sd card and put that in there.
It can take 32gb only but I will stick something in there.
This means that it should be able to record at highest flack a day with of flack though I doubt I will be running any more than 128k mp3 because higher formats use power like crazy.
Still like the sighted with a camera, and many image types I have one of those.
Olympus has professional recorders to and I have got the top of the range field recorder so well.
My next plan is to get an external micro sd reader should I need it.
I do have an internal sd reader on the laptop but to be honest I’d still take as much as I can externally because its portable.
Losing my cd drive told me to depend on external as much as I can.
Anyway, thats the news for the moment.
If nothing changes I won’t bother till end of the month.
Laters all

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Hi all.
Thats about all I want to say right now.
Firstly the weather is dumb and stormy, winds are cold but if I close things its hot and muggy.
Next week we may even see some colder temps again.
Ears are done and clear.
Knee is done and there are updates.
Due to the fact I havn’t been given the right instructions I am sitting mostly with my leg up due to my knee pissing blood so again piss.
Can’t train for at least a week maybe 2 or 3 not because I havn’t been told I can’t but to be honest if I didn’t have people helping me and previding me with things that are nonstandard, then I’d not be able to manage this myself.
Contracts are done and my secret santa contract is working fine.
More issues with the tech blog in the form of scammers getting through the captcha security has me going back to v2 again which seems to have worked.
I am thinking of getting a raspberry pi computer 400 unit and going from there.
Not sure what else I will be doing, due to go out, and I have at least an update to handle on another system.
No idea what else I will be doing.

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Hi all.
Well I have a lot of issues with skin.
Some of those are being handled right now and I feel better for it.
My wart turned out to be something else dumb, and not dangerous.
So on tuesday coming I get it cut out and hope it stays fucked off.
I also need another haircut and my ears need sucking again as usual.
Rotorua like a lot of tourist hotspots is dead or on the way out.
I managed to score a t-shirt from a tourist shop which was in the middle of converting to a gift shop.
Right now if you are in the position to buy more clothes with your country on them, then I’d do it because right now there is a lot being dumped.
I went to a place called capers for lunch twice and its good food.
Went to eat street and had italian which was pasta, also good.
Walked a little, however weather was not as I would have liked but oh well.
Little else has happened.
Updates to various systems and bits of software.
A few extras like that.
Had to do general shopping yesterday and maybe plants today.
Tomorrow I will probably meet with caren and then mum is back at work on monday.
Rugby is tonight.
Played a new game today which looking interesting.
No more testing work for the moment bar a few small contracts that are ongoing.
Ryan appeared to get some equipment and to well have lunch.
This was pumpkin soup and some chese and salami toasted sandwitches.
Today is heloween but as usual once I got home my mind and body fell into the lets wake up early.
Thnk god it was only 4am.
However now I just want to sleep.
At least I have finnished all my work.
I need to go to email still and listen to a few big programs else I am done.

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welcome to some news or sleep is for the damned

Both of these subjects seem to ring true.
I can sleep but I can’t stay asleep not constantly etc.
I am in the mode where I wake up between 2 and 5.
If I wake at 2 I try to sleep till 4.30 then I get up.
Now I will feel stupid for the rest of the day, again.
I want to sleep all day but I am not tired enough to do so.
Yet I am not awake enough to be awake.
So on this day’s news, windows 10 20h2 is out.
Some of us will get it and people like me that can’t wait for it are getting it manually.
Several software updates have been released including new builds of thunderbird, codec packs java and amd drivers and the like.
The biggest issue you will find is that anything not formatted right will not load without warning you.
System properties is gone and needs to get round you can run control sysdm.cpl to get round microsoft’s shortcomings.
I do hope that eventually someone will make some classic control panel app with the classic configs in it because settings still aint all there.
I have also changed my tab list in multitasking because the new way doesn’t make sence.
Edge came up on my system out of date and I needed to update the entire thing.
System restore was disabled on update and I had to adjust a few apps.
All in all, everything seems to be working, though I had to fiddle round with device manager to get my audio to configure properly.
What is getting me a little angry is that waterfox 2020.10 is out.
Waterfox team have recieved a lot of issues on their support system, but yet have not spent any time fixing any issues bar security extras.
This means while its a little better, 10 just like 09 causes nvda to be stupid and crash randomly.
So I am back on 08.
I guess I will go up and down each month till its ok but to be honest I may never upgrade again.
Its working and its secure enough.
They seem to be working on their next gen, though there are grumblings about not including performance improvements in the brouser.
I really like the classic waterfox interface but I feel that this may actually be the end of waterfox.

The way its going, to be honest if I didn’t have issues with chrome, mostly interfaces I don’t like and the fact waterfox is really good for what I use it for, I may just not use it.
My plan may be to stay on 08 and use edge or something if I really need to be secure.
Edge is chrome anyway and maybe it works.
If things do screw up completely, I may abandon addons completely including noscript and run firefox normally and hope things are ok.
chrome also has some blocking issues I don’t care for with some sites.
So far bar blogs, twitter and some forums I really don’t use the web that much.
Tomorrow aparently is the time I get my wart cut.
I don’t want to be spending time bothering with system updates and brouser crashes.
I don’t need a bunch of errors.
Next tuesday I say fuck off to all my tech including my pc for 3 days and actually go away and not give a fuck why for a bit.
We go to rotorua assuming we don’t lock down again.
Right now its unlikely, but with all the border junk going on even if the government says its all just the system working, I am still slightly pissed all the same.
The government likes the word lockdown.
There will need to be a good reason for it though.
Still I continue to continue.
Went shopping, and did a few other things.
Not much to say but who knows what is next to do.

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Election2020 just normal

Hi all.
The current government got in again
Also someone at the border working on ships got sick.
The government said he followed procedures and did the right thing.
Which is probably sugarcoating the fact we will be in lockdown again by the end of the week because thats what this government does.
Not going to be surprised if that is what will happen.
Until that does happen I have a life to have and fuck everything and everyone else.
So not much done last week.
You allready know what happened, but I managed to go and have coffee with my aunt theresia on saturday, and also mucked with mum and friends on sunday.
Going to do the same today.
Work wize, nothing has happened with anything so maybe I didn’t make it.
I got and played a new ub40 album from 2018 costing 9 bucks, and on the insistance of one of my net djs of a show I listen to the only ivan hrvotska album he ever released in english at least from 7digital for 15 bucks.
Some dumps on the sync folders happened, a few backups, etc.
The only thing on is a conference tomorrow night at the foundation.
Next week is when I get rid of this damned wart, I also need to sort out my ears out as I feel they are getting full again.
On a positive note I have got aunt’s christmas present for about the same cost as my cd so that was nice.
I have an idea for dad but not mum for christmas and birthday, and nothing for brother and sally.
Next saturday is the first non event day of the year.
This is a non event because of several things.
No community naibourhood thing so no trick or treat.
No pasta disco party because thats all in the past.
So my plan is to stick on some headsets and play a game or just not do much because tv will be full of reruns and shit like that.
Next is november 5, guyfolks or lets support binladen day.
Seriously why are we supporting a fucking terrist while killing another.
For me, it was the first pav, the first bbq, and the first family meet of the summer season, guess what, that aint happening.
So yeah its sit at home, with music loud so I can’t hear much because its a non event.
Next after that will be the new years thing which for me is eat dinner, and go to sleep while every fucker parties bar me.
Well ok, maybe it will actually be a non event because of covid.
Then it will be next year and more stupidness.
Seriously I am really think if I could leave this world and go to the next, I’d have almost no issue doing so.
This world is pritty much done, next please.
Its not helped by the olds talking about the fucking government all damn day, listening to radio, etc.
I have only one line “fuck off! and leave me alone”
At least till you need to lockdown, or need another election, I have a life to live and not waste.
But thats the way it is.
To be honest, if I could travel back in time or change anything in my life, I’d drop my birthdate back 10 years.
Or fuck maybe 15.
At least I’d get 15 years normal world.
Either that or I’d push it forward till 2082 or something so I’d be out of this point, though who am I kidding, I’d miss things for sure.
Still am undecided about life, need a change and need to move.
At least nothing to stupid is going on.
I should for example be finnished all the boring part of living in a few minutes and should be able to have a bit of time to waste till the next thing.
On the up side I have just noticed 2 avocados which means toast!
Laters all.

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Well another week again

Really can’t think of any original title.
So update since last entry.
I have the new nvda 20.3 and it works well enough.
My biggest issue is waterfox 09.
Its a lot better but likes to generate random garbage and rpc erros while visiting blogspot or just google searching, or after being on the net quickly brousing round various sites.
In both cases the program crashes and I have to close it.
In one case the garbage one, the nvda log generates a stack of over 100 object deletion error refferences and nvda and waterfox both crash and I have to close waterfox, while using narator then restart nvda.
I am back on 08 which interestingly did generate the same errors.
This caused nvda to semi crash and go unresponsive for like a second but hardly noticable expect to someone by me but then go on like it just didn’t give a damn.
The rpc errors are not being generated either so who knows.
Not much has happened.
Technically we should be seeing another feature update of windows this month but who knows.
Did some amd, codec and voice updates as well as web brouser updates.
I have been out with jono for the first time since we dropped to level1 last week and am again going out to malls which I did with aunt yesterday.
So good to see people moving round normally.
Sadly new south whales in australia could be seeing another covid wave and we have only just opened the travel bubble one way.
I guess that means we still need to keep the quarenteen walls up our side for a bit longer.
Then again be happy we aren’t europe.
They seem to be having another outbreak.
Stats though do suggest that for now at least our echonomies are not as badly battered as first thought as long as we can get things under control somehow in the rest of the world.
But I’m not holding my breath.
Job wize things are calming down a little.
I have been working with testing a secret santa website which has had a week deadline.
Saying that there havn’t been that many issues and I think I am done.
I have applied to an education centre called amplify to do some testing from ablegamers test pannels which has 50 bucks worth amazon.
Now if I get this one as soon as I get it, I’m off shopping to get myself an early christmas present before the rush.
Thinking of either a ub40 or bob marly boxset or wierd al yankavic or something.
Speaking of that guy when with jono the bargain bins at jb were selling a tour dvd for like 3 bucks, a steal which I took advantage of.
Little else to really report.
Jono seems ok and we continue to have good things to eat and talk about.
I have been to various cafes with family and had sally round last week for her birthday and ryan’s the week before.
Both of them enjoy the brackets I have given them.
Yahoogroups has started the process of shutdown so spent some time last night putting a memorial together to get it started.
Looks good.
I am trying to see if yahoo or the company that owns yahoogroups to get on board but oh well who knows.
Weather has been up and down and hot and cold.
This has not helped with me as my boddy seems to be in dizzy mode, bed on slant, house on slant, etc.
At least today I managed to get a good sleep for once.
Not sure what else to say except I have some more podcasts and the like to listen to, a few new games to fiddle with etc including the new western drama game.
Laters just now.

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Another week

Hi all.
Well an amd driver update solved bits of waterfox, but I am back on 08 because 09 just doesn’t like nvda at least thats what I have boiled it down to.
It even crashes on latest beta.
Not much to report.
Mum has improved a lot.
Its gotten so I don’t have to watch her and she can do a lot of things herself.
I still have to help from time to time but its not that bad.
Job wize either both have fallen through or I havn’t got a mail back.
Cast wize, my head is just not in the right spot to actually bother.
New nvda coming out soon and windows 20h2 means I will be busy anyway.
At the end of the month I get to deal with my wart which has come back.
Little else to say but I have managed to go out this friday for most of the afternoon to lunch with mum, dad and his friend fred.
On wednesday I went to coffee with mum and dad.
A firmware update to the hp units here caused things to go fruity in windows so I had to flush the chips after which a lot of things run better.
Tonight is my bro’ ryan and sally’s birthday celebration, I have got them the ape basics brackets which would be cool as sally seems to be prone to losing phones.
The actual product is called ape basics lazy hanging mobile phone bracket from mighty ape and that store will sell to new zealand and australia.
Ape basics brand have everything from selfy sticks to pet products and baking tins so its worth a look at.
You can be sure that most of them will be used for or controled by smart devices.
The ones I got cost me 15 bucks each with a 3 dollar shipping flatrate fee like everything on mightyape does.
They said I’d get them on thursday but I got them wednesday which is good.
Not much else to say except due to mum and her knee I have missed another vintage run which would have been really awesome, oh well.
Even though we are getting a few imports, everything is still 00 accross the board and down to 8 cases left to go with no one in hospital.
This means we will be going back to level1.
That means, no masks unless you need to.
Now I am not against a mask and if I need to, I will wear one.
But if I don’t, I won’t.
Due to health issues with various things, I can’t meet jono like I usually do and god knows I have a lot of time on my hands.
We are slated for the level2 restrictions to expire on wednesday next week with a decision made on monday.
If we can keep ourselves fine till the end of the month, we can probably return to the get ready for the next time or as I like to call it, normal bar traveling.
Speaking of that we will be able to go to parts of australia within the next 2 weeks.
I wouldn’t bother trying to go just yet unless you need to though, there is still isolation to do when you return, and you have to pay for it, and you may get covid while you are in there and should self isolate for another week after that, so its still not worth going on holiday.
Lets hope that the events being the art decco and round the bays can go ahead next year.
The ahipara thing will go ahead reguardless as will the roadtrip.
Of course that assumes we don’t go to 2.5 3 or 4 again, and the 1.5 modified levels people talk about.
For now we should be ok.
Rumors are that rugby may be starting again, I hope so.
Anyway, need to continue doing something.

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Hi all.
The latest version of waterfox 2020.09 is out and man is it unstable.
Crashes all the time, unless you open each site in its own window.
I have managed to tweak it so hardware exceleration is off as well as containers then got ccleaner to clean its session data.
This has semi solved it for me but not completely.
Not much has happened so far.
I managed to walk a little yesterday but mum is home now and that means I really should care for her and such.
A lot of not much going on.
Its to fucking wet to get out as it is.
Right after finnishing last week’s work I got a couple more jobs on testing to do.
The first one is testing a new shop system which may or may not go ahead due to store placement.
The second which I have applied for is to test some amazon stuff and I am on amazon.
This one is the one with the cash in it.
True its 100 bucks of amazon cash, but its an excuse to buy something completely outrageous.
Same with the shop system I need to test.
I get 25 bucks to test the system.
This means I can basically buy free stuff.
On my free list is a 128/256gb flash stick because I can.
For the amazon thing, I am unsure.
Maybe it could be the start to my raspberry pi project.
The pi costs the most especially if I want the highest powered 4b with 16gb storage in it.
After that, cases and such well we will see.
Not much to say but who knows what next week will bring.
Mum is back home and needing a lot of help.
laters just now

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A catchup

Hi all.
This will be a catchup post to dump all the events that have been going on in my personal and professional life since early this month.
Its been almost 2 weeks since I wrote to you.
So the following has happened.

In reverse order.
Mum is now getting her busted knee fixed.
So far the opperation went fine and her knee was totally thrashed.
I have done all my work for both avast and access advisers and while that is good I do wander at how tired it is for those that have to zoom all day long.
Also, I wander at when you have a perfectly good old website why you have to change it to a completely new website, who’s fancy new features make it harder to useespecially when it was ok and has been that way for ages.
There have been various software, driver and os updates which I will not be going into, and also a few communications fixings, adjustings to speed and a little rangling going on about.
Finally wall papering is getting restarted so expect some disruption, hopefully all the clearouts and new paper and eventually new carpets mean we will have a better life all round.
The country is moving slowly to level1 which means we are free but can’t go traveling outside the country.
The government says “we are prepairing for the next covid outbreak”
I wish to disagree with that statement.
As far as I care level1 means freedom such as it is, no mask, no nothing.
True cleaning hands, etc but it means freedom.
Otherwise prepairing for the next outbreak implies to me, isolating all day and waiting for the next thing to come and I can’t accept that at all.
This year has been full of shit and it will get worse with the echonomy.
And while I don’t agree with some that say that the lockdowns were a waste, it seems thhat the government likes to lock down for no reason.
People are starting to get tired of lockdown.

Never the less I managed to go to 3 malls, well 2 of them really, getting coffee with aunt on monday and earlier last week meeting friends with mum.
I have also gone to the river head tavern and had a nice lunch.
I have had family over in the weekend, been to another vintage car run with dad, and had lunch at a restoraunt and had a nice time.
I will go to a french place tomorrow with dad for lunch, and well after that mum will be back and things can continue.
Lately I have been doodling with old dos games by tsunamimedia as well as working with windows 3 on dosbox.
I also had an ending with vmware after the latest version screwed up my computer forcing me to have to restore it because keyboard didn’t work.
Laters just now.

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Alexa, stop being suckfull

Hi welcome to an echo dot.
I have just got it a few days ago because of it being 50 bucks.
I can read some things, listen to some things etc.
One thing I appear not to be able to do is buy skills.
Sadly that was one reason I wanted a new portable smart speaker.
At first I used a us account, but even though I got a question to advance I couldn’t.
Next I was told I should make and setup an australian account.
I have done this.
However I am not going to maintain 2 accounts, there just is no way.
Australia and nz are in one language choice and you can buy and get things delivered, all except alexa inapp skills.
This means I can’t use starfinder premium.
That was actually one reason to buy the speaker.
It was actually a major reason.
Listening to music and radio online via iheart and tunein is another thing.
Listening to my foundation books is another thing.
However it appears skills are not yet in this country.
From a friend that has this device new zealand aint one of the big countries about.
To be honest I am not that happy.
I mean I am happy I have the speaker, but to be honest who knows.
One thing, if you are old and have a phone and one of those apartments you really don’t need much more than this unit.
I used my laptop and apart from having to use internet explorer to set things up, things work.
You need alexa for a few features but not many.
My job for trademe with access advisers is the 21st of this monthh.
Laters all.

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