Well before we have the weekly report on the current state of the apocolipse I will describe something which is not related.
Yesterday being friday, I woke up late like 10.30 am in the morning.
We had coffee and some cake with a friend outside, it always needs to be outside for now.
I also had breakfast at that time.
Then I went out to town in the car, walked from west haven to winyard quarter and almost to the bottem of town if you know where that is.
We got a middle eastern lunch which was nice.
Due to the current state of affairs the cost was a lot for what we got and service was terrible so we won’t be back to at least that place.
I also had my first jalato and it was ginger crunch, actual bits of ginger crunch crumbled on top.
I then went home and had a gingerbeer and rum.

So thats the good thing.
Down the rabbit hole we go.
Firstly the middling stuff.
Office updates other updates, more printer issues on win11 and a bunch more other junk.

Now to the pits of hell we go.
Things are really getting expensive now.
Shipping is really blocked up globally, and supplies are getting shortened.
A lot of things will be changed including tourism for ages to come.
And it appears our climate change plans are out, as usual, good ish ideas but implimentation sucks.
So no farms, no meat, no power, no nothing and nothing much more on that.
The minorities bray about how they need more and so it goes on.
Its still hoped that we can still arm up and be ready to actually do some dammage but its also been acknowledged that we are shielding ourselves quite harshly, and won’t be able to keep things active to much longer.
So either we get there and manage to get vaccinated or the zombies will over run us soon enough.
Rumors are targets unofficially for the first of december, and its only going to get worse.

No targets as such and everything is being done when it needs to.
We don’t have much left and it could get worse.
So living in a minefield where each mine is a 20 megatone nuke waiting to blow the balls off of any guy that may make the simplest of mistakes.
So far no hits though its got close.
Various dramas with friends and closer to home have showed me that this is luck mostly that I havn’t got a shell just yet.
Its also known that cancers and other things are falling by the wayside.

So we have shifted from the business of trying to keep the hord out to the long, bloody and drawn out business of all out battle.
And we may lose who knows.
Supplies are short and it will get worse though one is hoping that we can eventually prevaille.
The dammage will be massive, indirectly as well as directly.
And there are a few people that no longer want to know, but I still do.
So I guess something in me hasn’t given up just yet.
However even streaming and network prices are going up.
I feel for the poor bastards that didn’t have any funds to start with no matter who they are currently.
And for the generations that come after, well its bleak not uncermountable but for now well.
What is worse is no one knows where the next shot will come from.
No one is even talking about cluster areas, its all over the place and thats about it so it must be serious.
The top brass aren’t giving us any real clear direction either at this point so I suspect they don’t even know.
With a changing enemy and target constantly moving its hard.
Oh well, find what you can when you can.

Today I plan to do some updates and such.
Should be warm and sunny so who knows.
At least I have another place close to me to go.

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Hi all.
Welcome to friday.
Due to the cutting of some restrictions we got our first outing.
Granted that consisted of me getting in a car, driving to a place, letting others get food, driving to another place, eating it in the car and going back, but you get what you can take in this war.
No business engagement and according to some quarters we are already lost.
I don’t know if its that bad yet, we are really pushing to get armoured but there are those that can’t use the standard software and well who knows.
I have setup my health online account for vaccine passports and such.
At least realme is being used for more than well whatever.
I made another password for it so I can try to remember it at least.
Its not the same password I use for anything, but it should be something I remember this time.
At least my health identity info is online and accessible to me and others.
Firefox 93 is out.
Its got more security which means you need to bother about with making sure some files download right.
It also will crash on file download though after a restart it will usually get the files in question its otherwise stable.
Amd systems have issues with windows 11.
My office 2019 updated yesterday then updated today.
No idea what that is about.
I can’t wait for summer.
At least I can forget this is the apocolipse and this country is slowly ending itself.
Still playing twine games.

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Hi all.
Welcome to another post from this current side of the war.
I am posting because I need to keep an entry for this month, and as usual I have no idea what to fucking say!
Windows 11 has mixed reviews from people that are installing it and for once I am happy I will not be in the running for the update tomorrow.
Of course I will be getting windows 11 for my secondary spare old usb stick just in case I get someone needing it but really, I am still all for 10 here.
No rush to install.
Office 2022 is also coming out, and for once no one here gives a damn about that either.
Visual studio entered its preview cycle so I pulled the runtimes just for kicks because I thought may as well pull them.
I have been spending time running with twine and mucking about.
Supply chains and us mail and all sorts of stuff are starting to become short, this is a real war now.
The government finally accepted that there would be a split way out.
News from other quarters suggests confusion.
All I know for sure is that christmas is likely to suck.
I plan to stay in bed all christmas because there isn’t going to even be a christmas at this rate.

One thing I know for sure, if there are things worse than this delta in the works us humans won’t be handling it.
I smell revolution in the air.
Seriously, I could see a situation like bangladesh in the next few months if nothing signifficant changes between now and next year.
I mean we are strong but only so much.
There were more protests, granted by someone who is not liked much but the point is, thats 1000 more people that want direction.
I must say at times I feel the walls closing in and want action.
One things for sure, I regret choosing a unionist party in the last election.
It had potential which is why I chose them, but maybe I should go for one of the break away parties or something.
Not the environmentalists but someone else.
There is only a couple parties I’d go for.
I think we should forget about covid and just unlock.
We are starting to lose more to this lockdown, maybe we should just forget it entirely.
I mean no one could say we didn’t put up a good fight.
I mean defeat aint something I’d say lightly but I mean we tried, we failed, so lets just party like its 1999 then go.
One thing’s for sure, we can’t be continuing to fight like this much longer.
Its going to bust soon is what I feel.

But who am I kidding, these are ramblings of a battle weery soldier that just moniters the radios.

Day to day, I have mum cutting my hair.
No prospect of that.
I should be getting my ears and teeth checked at some stage.
No idea when that will happen.
But a lot of supplies are running out.
There is some bush near my house so I can walk a little but still.
One thing, if you are planning to have a christmas, I’d have it now while there is still food.
I mean I am not sure what christmas will be like.
I expect a normal day followed by another normal light.
There won’t be guyfalks this year thats for sure.

More ramblings soon.

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Microsoft defender needs to take a hike is all I will say.
I exclude stuff for a reason.
On my internal drives its fine.
On my backups, well forget it.
Constantly making sure I restore files that get deleted, report some false ones, maybe fixed, fiddle about and try to not have things screw over.
This is seriously getting old fast.
Of course because I am blind every game, in bgt, vb, old software package, screen reader and just about every thirdparty software is a fucking virus.
I mean I can patch it but who gives a fanny.
Still up and down with the covid.
I wouldn’t mind, but the so called short lockdown is moving into summer for fucks sake!
I mean, fathers day sucked.
Will christmas suck to?
Seriously think we should start broadcast christmas music and fake it in case this continues.
Getting to the point where there is only so much to do.
I have started searching for the next big thing.
My suspician is I either get an asus, or acer laptop since those are the ones with the ability for duel storage.
Either that or I get an hp from the warehouse that has it.
Ballanced against this is the fact if I have just a desk unit, loaded to whatever and a shitty laptop for remote stuff then that will be fine.
One thing’s for sure I’m not replacing this laptop till it croaks.
Lets hope with covid eventually over we will see some more cheaper duel storage laptops or something.
Meanwhile, I am again facing the fact I need to decide what to do today.
Technically I don’t need to be at aunt’s place.
Technically I don’t need to be anywhere.
I have listened to music and a few other things but to be honest its getting to the point I want to go out and actually do something other than excercise, walking, etc.
I want to actually go shopping, do something normal, anything bar what I have been doing.
Sooner or later things will end I think.
Many people are trying to escape, its only going to get worse.
Look at australia.
The government can say what they like but the reason there are so many protests is that people are done!
Covid can go fuck itself, they don’t care, they want out.
You think we aren’t getting close to this.
Its been like almost 6 fucking weeks of this shit now.
Won’t be much left if this continues.
We are moving through vaccinations now but to be honest if someone told me, you know what? fuck it, may as well party.
Seriously I predict that we will continue to lockdown because thats what the government likes to do.
Eventually the damn will break its got to.
In other news, more mmusic by the beths and alien weaponry, and I have got a new headset with surround sound and its a bit to get used to 7.1

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Hi all.
This is an update for updates sake.
There isn’t anything going on of note.
There will be the standard updates coming and with win11 next month who knows where things will be.
I may not be in the running for win11 so maybe thats good.
I am unsure if I would even bother right now.
All the changes to default apps, the shell and the reworking of hacks needed to make things run just don’t make sence.
Windows is working so what.
Seems like more eyecandy to me this time round.
There are no real updates of note bar drivers, codecs and just about every windows app.
Little else to say.
I have walked on the beach with my mum yesterday.
I walk with my aunt in the local bush daily.
I eat, shit and sleep.
I wait for the government to decide when it wants to unlock.
There are a lot of articles round all the stuff going on.
If you believe my parents we are going to go communist well maybe if we let china invade more than it is I’d actually be concerned.

People are affraid of their rights, but I don’t really know why we should fear for them that much.
We output so much online, we may as well be giving our privacy away.
Centralisation aint always that bad.
A card to rule them all, mmaybe thats a bit far but still.
I think we shouldn’t be so worried about what the government is doing.
If we are that worried though, maybe we should not post everything online.
Yesterday people walked out on the beach, and it was almost normal.
I have seen this stuff going on in sidney, so there is a limit and we are getting there.
So lets make it perfectly clear.

Covid though bad is not keeping us locked down, the government likes them and thats why.
With auckland the gateway city and with all the isolation facilities it was bound to happen.
I do think though that opinion is building to try to move some of this away.
I mean I used to be proud that we were in the centre, but not like this.
We may be at the front lines of this war but I am not sure if I want to continuously be bombarded constantly.
I mean enough is enough.
We shield the country, but we get most of the shells.
The good news is that by the end of this year we may be armed up, maybe, not holding my breath.
All I do know though is that if we don’t unlock soon we won’t have christmas.
Fathers day was at least doable.
I got my dad some after dinner mints, and we were able to use a local cafe to deliver some stuff but even so.

I don’t want a christmas lockdown.
This covid will be a winter thing aparently eventually but people are starting to talk about the aftermath.
All those tracking programs, cards and passes.
Its ok now but later we will have to visit all this extra socialist stuff we have had to rush through.
The same as the post about the greenists and how much charge maori will have.
I mean we probably won’t but one must be optimistic here.
Point is New Zealand is in a position to become great again.
We just have to make it, and make it work.
In stead we palm it to some other bastard.
We are green because we get our coal from asia.
We are green because we send our recycled rubbish to africa.
We are green because we use electric cars even though that may use rare elements and create more waste.
We are green because we will import our milk and meat from europe.
So in the end we are green because some other bastard has to get dirty.
And with all the extras, our citties auckland mainly will soon have no business.
Well, not sure what will be the job of the white man once it all goes to the dogs.
I am pissed because we have the tech and smarts to actually make this country really great.
We have the chance if we grab it right now but we don’t.
I don’t understand it, we have an opertunity to grab it right now.
And we have like 2-5 years to do it.
By 2025-2035 that will be gone but we aren’t.
So the next person that gets in will have to restart drilling for oil, the use of our own coal, the reintroduction of plastic bags.
The resetting so the whites have power and its all back again.
The renormalisation of everything if they can.
We shouldn’t reverse, we have a chance to become great right now but all we are doing is stand there going backwards.
By the time we decide all the others will be the early birds and we will miss out on the early breakfast.
But this the ramblings of a guy that can’t do jack about it.
This is what it is.
It doesn’t help this comes from an embattled location.
Oh well.
More later, at least there is coffee, and the bush.

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Hi all.
Well everything is done, a few older shows to watch.
If it wasn’t for the para olympics on tv I’d be bored out of my cpu.
The good news is that everything to the south of me is moving to level3 restrictions which means more businesses can deliver.
Of course, my city is where all the isolation and other facilities are so no joy.
Its generally been quiet, but who knows how things will continue.
Due to the green environmentalists, we seem to be on an anti farming/ fuel/ everything without putting in new tech to handle it so we will have to put it all back which is a waste.
Global warming, well who knows, I suppose with all the weather its true, the rest, yeah going green is a good idea.

Just not this fast and without a plan.
Due to no nuclear power we can’t have any alternitives and water and droubts.
Point is we import coal so who knows.
Its all going to the dogs.
I haven’t seen the zombies walking the streets but thats an extreme possibility at this point.
So one of the things I will be doing this week is joining the local blindness consumer organisation because why not.
The other thing I will be doing is getting a mask exemption card to be used in well extreme emergencies, like needing to ware a mask for longer than 10 minutes while inside somewhere or moving about or something.
Its just a good idea to do in case I need to use it.
I have been helping family with connections and other things.
Though why the heck I get people getting devices without me setting them up means me having to remotely work over 6 hours to get them working.
I released my playthrough of the vale and played the game.
This is now done and this game just sits here for the moment.
I was thinking about contacting my man at the university but since its one of the infestation centres I’ll give him a break, after all he has hords of zombies to contend with.
Things continue to continue though I hear about people doing it tough.
I’d like to see friends and muck about but at least I have another place I can go to to hide away from people if I need to.
If this goes the way it goes there may be no christmas, there isn’t going to be any father’s day, and may be no labour day or guyfalks if this goes on.
Not that guyfalks is much to sing about since fireworks are alegal so we will just have to watch it online I guess.
At least there are more birds, though I half expect them to become double the size and then having us for lunch.
Bar any disaster I wait for the time something actually happens which isn’t us humans destroying or trying to save the world we destroyed.
Lets hope things will change.

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Hi all.
Well another catchup.
Since last post.
I have gotten through all my backed up stored broadcast archives.
I have completed tests and applied for jobs of which 1 may look like it may be promising.
The vaille launches in roughly 2-3 days depending where you are.
Due to delta finally reaching us we are in lockdown again.
We need masks all over the place.
I have been helping round with family, and before lockdown yesterday tuesday, I went out and had coffee with aunt.
Little known exactly what is planned for tomorrow.
Nothing major is expected so unless something changes expect no updates for a little while.
There really wasn’t much to say before now and certainly nothing to say after now.

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Hi all.
Its been a while so time to update you.
Testing games, playing diablow and hearthstone, and trying to play hades.
Steam client is just a no go and well thats about it.
The vaille is due to launch this week.
I have loads of audio, I have been out about the place and keeping things updated.
First vax went well and the next one is due soon.
Little else to say right now except I may have something coming for technical review soon.

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Managed to get my first fizer tomorrow at 10.30 then my second on 4th of september at 3 in the afternoon.
Tried yesterday and the dates were way late.
My dad again managed to weedle the contact centre down a load and well its all on.
Slightly nervous even though I have read the entire official site but still.
Its going to put me out though like a load.
I will be canceling my semi appointments for tomorrow most likely just in case.
Also I will be out completely of kilter.
On both days I will get my training done though and well there you go.
Then every 6 months to a year I will get a booster I guess.
Went to town and had lunch in new market, got coffee and various things.
The malls in new market is good the westfield is a wide open space, with internal and roof top dining.
I plan to make it over summer.
Game testing continues and I may or may not have something in the works job wize later on.
The train sim has had the sounds I put in put in and its all working well.
Everything is fine for now.
Been looking at net providers due to price changes and have decided to stay where I am for now.
Little else to say except I continue to continue.

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Well got into testing a new train simulator well multi vehicle simulator.
Most of this week has been spent compressing the various sound archives from their original value of 4.3gb to around 680mb.
The files are in 192kbps 44100 ogg format and were in wav format before that.
I need to read the manual and test things some more but well not much to say on that.
I have been out with family, walking, training, eating, and a few things in the middle.
Going out to do some shopping for more stuff for the house.
Maybe I go to town next week, who knows.
As usual, nothing else to say or do.
Oh we won the rugby again, it was good.

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